Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Coachella Survival Guide

With the line-up for the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival being announced today, it made me think of the past three years that Ali and I attended. We had some truly amazing experiences, saw artists that blew our minds, and enjoyed it all with great friends. This year we have decided to opt out of going. We had three great years at the festival and are passing the torch onto our Kenora crew to rock out for us this year. We know they won't let us down!
Coachella 2012 - Dr. Dre
Coachella 2013 - Red Hot Chili Peppers
Coachella 2014 - Arcade Fire
After three years at Coachella, I have learned a thing or two that may be useful if you plan on going. Most of it may be pretty obvious, but the more you know, the better. We had one friend who did not bring any sleeping gear... but she did have a corduroy vest.
This is an essential packing list to get you through three solid days of partying. Remember the cliche quote about the weekend "It's a marathon, not a sprint". As cheesy as that sounds, it is useful advice. Here is my list of music festival essentials, in no real particular order. I have sent this to friends before to help them prepare.
  1. Good shoes - they will tell you this in every pamphlet you read about Coachella, and its important! If your feet get worn out, you're toast. You don’t want to be the one in the group slowing everyone down and complaining! I wear Blundstones- super comfy boots, that you can wear even when its 90 degrees out. 
  2. Fanny Pack - kind of lame but a must have for a festival. Having a bag or backpack sucks, everyone will bump you around if you're in a crowd… Seriously not fun!
  3. Travel Towel - light, easy to pack.
  4. Water Bottle - A must have for the water refill stations! Having a 1 litre water bottle that you can keep refilling throughout the day, is a lot better than spending $4 for a bottle.
  5. Plastic bags (Ziploc) – these are great for filling with booze, stuffing in your crotch  and sneaking into festival grounds! Once inside, buy a gatorade and add the booze.
  6. Bandana – to cover your face from dust clouds, stinky Portapotties or to just be sweet. Whatever your preference is. These are crucial if there is a sandstorm. The last two years there were sandstorms and if you didn't have a bandana over your face, you were eating sand.
  7. Beads – you can always trade people beads… maybe for bottled water!
  8. Glowsticks – these are great if you are in a group. When you are walking from stage to stage at night, it is way easier to see/stick with someone if they are covered with glowsticks.
  9. Cheap sunglasses – you will lose your shades!
  10. Travel size Babywipes or Kleenex- stuff these in your fanny-pack, you won't regret having them!
  11. Travel size Hand sanitizer - nice to have after a bathroom break. The Portapotties are pretty disgusting after they have been used by 80,000 people.
  12. Ear plugs - sadly I don't usually wear them. There are some really loud shows at the Sahara tent, where it would help to have them.
  13. Car phone charger/regular charger - plug it in at night when you go to bed, and you have it for great pics/vids in the morning.
  14. Sunscreen
  15. Hat - keep the sun off your head!
  16. Tylenol
  17. Lip balm with  sunscreen
  18. Warm clothes - bring at least one hoody and pair of pants. It may be 100 degrees during the day, but at night it is freezing.
  19. Sleeping bag - If you are camping, a good sleeping bag is key. 
  20. Shark shirt - I made it a habit of wearing a shirt with a shark each Saturday. Shark Shirt Shaturday!
  21. Heineken - On the campground is a Heineken chill tent. If you have Heineken beer they will hold it for you in a giant fridge. You can go there, cool down and grab your beer. It is amazing if you are camping, a real game-changer!
Hope this helps with packing and deciding what to bring! Have fun and enjoy every minute. You won't see every band that you want to, but its not such a bad problem to have. 
Take naps when you can, eat pizza at I Heart Spicy Pie, and rock out!
Happy Coachella!!!
Coachella 2012
Coachella 2012
Coachella 2013
Coachella 2013
Coachella sunset
2013 Major Lazer - craziest day show
Coachella 2013
Coachella grounds 2013
View from Ferris wheel
Ferris wheel at night
Coachella 2013 crew
Coachella 2013 - notice the Shark Shirt!
Alicat 2013
2014 Spaceman Art
Coachella 2014
Sunshine 2014
Coachella art 2014
Popsicle stick house
Ginger Bread house
Happy in the sun 2014 
Sahara Tent 2014
Kenora Crew!
Outkast 2014 - "shake it like a Polaroid picture"
Day show 2014
Ellie Goulding 2014 
Kid Cudi 2014
Sunday Funday!
Coachella crew 2014
Day n Nite!

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